Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Design Work

I thought I'd post some of the design work that went into creating Shock Effect. These were the final, colour character designs I used before starting the finished pages. As you may notice, I still made some slight changes afterwards, mostly with regards to colour, as I produced the pages.

This is some of the work that went into designing "the others." You don't get to see much of the adults in the first 8 pages, but the hatchlings are pretty much miniature adults - the just move differently.

Here I plotting out how these things would attack, or walk, since they only have tentacles. I figured that since they're so powerful, they could lift themselves up, but it the tentacles would bend awkwardly at the ground, reinforcing that they wouldn't move this way naturally.

I'll have more "behind the scenes" drawings to post later on, so make sure to check back!

Cheers -John

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