Wednesday, September 3, 2008

After Shocks!

Well Shock Effect has wrapped up it's run on Zuda but that doesn't mean it's the end. We came in 3rd in the competition, which was won by the admirable team behind Gulch.

Thanks Gulch, Vic Boone, Harvest War, and all the other incredibly hard-working creative teams who were with us in this competition. I know what a challenge it is to put your work out there at all (let alone subject it to an open tournament!) so I know what you all must have gone through this past month. It was great playing with you and hope to see you around comics soon.

Thank you to each and everyone of our supporters, fans, family and friends who got behind our story and brought it as far as it did. And thanks to all the new readers who had just become acquainted with our work, and let us know that you thought what we were doing was worthwhile.

And finally thank you to Ron, Kwanza, Dave and Nika from Zuda for selecting Shock Effect as an entry for the competition for the month of August. You gave us a fantastic opportunity to show what we're capable of as storytellers, connect with thousands of readers, and learn a hell of a lot about the world of online comics and promotion. Even with as far as it's come over this past year, there's still much potential in Zuda, so I look forward to keeping up with it's development.

In the meantime, Shock Effect continues to make press even after the close of the competition. You can check out a review on Broken Frontier and a nod from The Scienteers as well. Thanks for both those fine organziations for giving us a look.


And if you're wondering what to do next, why not take a trip to the home of my new online project: Freelance Blues! It's a bit of a departure from the tone of Shock Effect to be sure. Horror. Comedy. And Office Supplies.

For the better part of his twenties, Lance Bunkman has been busting his ass in Boston, trying to keep a roof over the head of himself and his twin sisters, since the mysterious disappearance of his parents. However his working life has been anything but typical.

Every new employer he gets hired by has turned out to be a front for a sinister organization,
monstrous cult, or alien intelligence. At the end of the day, when others turn and run, Lance is the one who stays behind to help.

Lance has been too busy working (not to mention dodging fireballs, chainsaws or poison arrows) to ever ask "Why me?" Now events have been set in motion to force the question. He’s about to learn more about himself, and the secrets of his sketchy employment, than he ever imagined. Check it out for yourself! Updating every Thursday at Freelance Blues!