Tuesday, November 9, 2010

After-After Shocks...

Back in 2008, Ian and I created Shock Effect, an 8-page comic that competed on DC Comics' ZUDA web imprint. Ultimately, Shock Effect placed 3rd, and Ian and I moved on to other projects.

Ian's new book, Freelance Blues, which he writes with Michael Leone with art by Vicky Tierney, just released it's third issue. I'm currently finishing up work on Lone Hawk, a biography of Canadian war hero and WWI fighter pilot Billy Bishop, which I've written and illustrated for Penguin Canada (to be released Fall, 2011).

Until recently, anyone interested in reading all eight pages of Shock Effect could do so on the ZUDA website. However, the ZUDA imprint was recently retired by DC Comics, and the site no longer exists. In light of this, I've uploaded the full 8-page comic to my website, where it can be read in its entirety.

Click HERE to enjoy Alice and Liza's brief but awesome adventure!